Jukka Karhula


A versatile and experienced media professional and executive producer. Karhula has prior experience in licensing, localizing, and producing international formats such as ‘Top Gear’, ‘MasterChef’. and ‘The Apprentice’. He also possesses extensive experience in working with multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams on a global scale. Moreover, he is the founder of the creative agency Frame Rate, the company responsible for 'MUT-AT1-0NS'.

︎︎︎ framerate.fi

Mika Johnson


A multimedia artist with a focus on directing XR projects, music videos, commercials, fiction, and documentaries. Recent works include ‘The Infinite Library’, a project which reimagines the library through VR projects devoted to biodiversity and Indigenous knowledge systems; ‘The Republic of Dreams’, an immersive audio installation on Bruno Schulz;‘VRwandlung’, which adapts Kafka's The Metamorphosis for VR; and previously collaborated in productions for the Finnish National Museum and Helsinki City Museum. Johnson is also a co-founder of Theta Noir: a project inspired by humanity's co-evolution with Artificial general intelligence.

︎︎︎ mikajohnson.com

Eli Stine


A sound designer and electronic musician who studied electronic sound and media technology at Oberlin Conservatory and the University of Virginia. He has collaborated in the past with director Johnson on projects including ‘VRwandlung’, ‘The Amerikans’, ‘Forever Professor’, and others. His sound design has been featured in USA Today and The Economist, and his sound design portfolio includes short films, web series, commercials, and virtual reality experiences.

︎︎︎ elistine.com

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