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MUT-AT1-0NS offers a unique and interesting experience for your visitors. As an interactive artwork, it engages by inviting people to create. As an experience, it gives visitors something they can share thanks to a QR-code feature which allows them to upload the music they compose directly to their social media.


COO at Fullsteam Helsinki:

“Technology and digitality are an inherent part of today's and future events, we wanted to explore different possibilities through cooperation, especially to enrich the event experience. Frame Rate developed an immersive sound and light piece MUT-AT1-0NS for the event, where participants created short pieces of music while passing through the physical space. In the piece, motion sensors generated the final piece with the help of composed sound and music samples. When leaving the work, the participant scanned the QR code, which made it possible to share the piece of music created in the space on social media, and this way we also got good additional visibility for the event.”



Artistic Director and Curator
 at Lux Helsinki:

“Tens if not hundreds of work proposals arrive at the Lux Helsinki light art event every year. A well-made proposal presents the essentials in a compact package and gets the reader inspired. Frame Rate’s MUT-AT1-0NS concept is clearly and professionally presented in terms of both aesthetic and content characteristics. A high-quality presentation of the concept of the work gives an image of the quality criteria of the designers of the work, which are clearly high for design team at the company.”
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